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Whether you are suffering immense distress or striving to actualize your ideal self, it is likely that there is a psychologist who can help you with what you are seeking. I would be honored to be that psychologist. I am a generalist and have worked with the full spectrum of adult and older adolescent diagnoses. That said, I am most skilled in working with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationship Issues, Personality Disorders, Existential Crises, and Personal Growth. Whether you are new to therapy, or this is a return visit, we can collaboratively create a plan of action tailored to your unique strengths, needs, and preferences.
I offer an integrative approach to psychotherapy that is uniquely tailored to each individual that I see. I draw on a range of different theories and tools to offer you a supportive and challenging experience in therapy that is informed by 19 years of mental health experience and yet is sensitive to the particulars of your present needs.
$200 per 55 minute session.


Couples entering therapy can sometimes be intimidated by the prospect. While it is challenging work, it can often lead to profound personal growth and healing for both parties. Part of what makes it workable is having a safe place to be seen and heard and to have the conversations that need to be had.
$200 per 55 minute session.


I offer a range of 1 to 3-day experiential integral workshops. The integral approach offers powerful tools for understanding, improving, and engaging with self, other, and world. These workshops are ideal for adults currently engaged in other personal growth practices as well as those simply interested in exploring themselves further in a safe and supportive environment. The workshops are highly experiential and will provide even the most veteran participants with new experiences and insights, yet will be titrated to allow novices easy entry. The format will be a small-group experience that allows ample time for both individualized participation and collective engagement. Space is strictly limited to the first 20 participants to ensure a high quality experience.
Typically $400 to $600 per participant.


I am available for public speaking. Typically I will need to know about a proposed time 2 or 3 months in advance of the anticipated date.
Contact for Rates (not-for-profit discounts).


I offer a range of professional trainings. Past audiences have included: licensed psychotherapists, psychological trainees, school administrators, teachers, prevention specialists, academics, executives, and religious congregations. Past topics have included: integral theory, assessment, psychopharmacology, late-stage adult development, adverse events in meditation, relational theory, meaning and purpose, systems theory, critical metatheory, and suicide prevention.
Contact for Rates (not-for-profit discounts).


I offer a range of integral corporate workshops. The integral approach offers powerful tools for understanding, improving, and engaging with self, other, and world. These workshops are ideal for groups looking to build cohesion, engage in novel problem-solving, or engage in culture change. They include half-day, one-day, and two-day options. The workshops are ideal for 15 to 30, but can accommodate 10 to 50.
Typically $5,000 for 1/2 Day, $8,000 for Full Day, and $15,000 for 2 Day.
(If located more than a 2-hour drive from Metro Detroit, Contact for Rates.)

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