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Hello, I am Dr. Ellis Jaruzel a licensed clinical psychologist. I have 19 years of experience in clinical adult and adolescent mental health and I am one of only a few psychologists to explicitly offer integral and metamodern psychotherapy. Going beyond traditional, modern, and even postmodern understandings of humanity and our place within the cosmos, the integral and metamodern worldviews seek to address both the pervasive disconnection and alienation that often accompany living in the modern and postmodern world, while also developing deeper capacities for thinking, feeling, connecting, and relating. Here you can learn more about my style as a psychotherapist, some of the workshops that I offer, and more about the integral and metamodern worldviews. Whether we ever work together or not, I welcome you to the next chapter in your own personal evolution and unfolding.




Ellis Jaruzel

I believe that we live in a time that is unprecedented in human history and that the stress and strain of this fact as well as the opportunities that it presents are almost unrecognizable to those of us that are living through it. To that end, I have dedicated my life to helping others to Grow Up, Clean Up, Wake Up, Team Up, Show Up, and Build Up.
More specifically, I provide individual and conjoint psychotherapy, facilitate experiential workshops for adults interested in growth, help emerging companies to reinvigorate their culture, teach, and help build tools to support others in doing these things.
I approach these challenges predominantly from an integral and metamodern lens. I have a 25-year background in integral theory including peer-reviewed publications on the topic. I was one of the first therapists listed on the Certified Integral Therapist Directory.
I invite you to read some of the articles here to see if we might be a good fit.



I offer individual therapy informed by an integral and metamodern perspective. Whether you are suffering immense distress or striving to actualize your ideal self, it is likely that there is a psychologist who can help you with what you are seeking. I would be honored to be that psychologist.


I offer couples therapy informed by an integral and metamodern perspective. While it is challenging work, it can often lead to profound personal growth and healing for both parties. Part of what makes it workable is having a safe place to be seen and heard and to have the conversations that need to be had.


I offer a range of 1 to 3-day experiential integral workshops. The integral approach offers powerful tools for understanding, improving, and engaging with self, other, and world.

Articles about Integral Psychology & Metamodernism
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